125 : Miss Iris teasing the old Fiat Panda with a sexy revving

Miss Iris is enjoying her break from work. She is so stressed and so she wants to do something which can help her.
So she goes in her car and drives to the place where she parked her little Panda!

She is wearing a grey dress, black leather jacket and heels. She jumps in the car, and she says:

 "I'm so stressed, I need something to do to take away the stress! Will you help me?"

So she starts the Panda, and revs the engine!

What a wonderful revving, she constantly teases the panda to be more powerful, to make more roars and to let her feel its powerful engine!

The video has a lot of closeup views of her feet pumping the pedals and of the exhaust pipe!

Will the engine survive to this hot revving session?