CD*NY Playford Ball 2017

Music for the dances of the CD*NY 2016 Playford Ball

Longways dances are recorded 3 times through, 4 times for triple minor dances. Set dances are recorded to dance them through completely. The following tracks are included along with a PDF of the CD insert:

(1) Bloomsbury Market
(2) Cross My Heart
(3) Fenterlarick
(4) The Jovial Beggars
(5) Joy After Sorrow
(6) Kneeland Romp
(7) Knives and Forks
(8) Leather Lake House
(9) Lilli Burlero
(10) Manage the Miser
(11) Miss de Jersey's Memorial
(12) Mister Beveridge's Maggot
(13) Mister Isaac's Maggot
(14) Mount Hills
(15) Mylecharane
(16) The Phoenix Rejuvenated
(17) Spring in Sebastopol
(18) Stepping Stones
(19) Treasure of the Big Woods
(20) Margaret’s Waltz (final waltz)
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