RWO management

RWO management

Create an executive summary to present to RWO management.

Create a GANTT chart using Project or similar software.

Create a PERT chart using Project or similar software.

Create an organizational hierarchy chart showing the reporting relationships at RWO.

Write a narrative to describe the data collection methods you would use and why.

Determine the best development process for the project.

Apply modeling and design techniques in organizational systems.

Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

IT510-2: Analyze system requirements.


Read the RWO case study and complete the introductory analysis phase requirements to include a cover letter addressed to the organization's management, a title page, a table of contents, and an executive summary of the analysis phase.

You are required to plan and track their project progress by constructing a Gantt chart and PERT chart using Project. These charts are expected to be clear, accurate, and complete in terms of identifying summary tasks and more specific tasks, the timing, and person(s) primarily responsible for each task.

You will iterate these charts, adding more and more specific tasks throughout your project.

You are required to create an organizational hierarchy chart to show the reporting relationships of this enterprise. 

Create and explain a list of problems, opportunities, and objectives for the project.

1. What are the shortcomings of the current system?

2. How will your proposed solution enhance the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness? 

Describe and justify your data collection methods.

1. Write a narrative to describe the best data collection methods to use and why (interviews, observation, or surveys).

2. Create a list of six interview questions (two for each feasibility requirement) to ask the business manager addressing processes, data, and general information about RWO.

Determine and explain the best development process for the project:

1. Prototyping

2. Agile

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