Information for Routing...solved

Information for Routing...solved

Information for Routing

Routing is a fundamental function of a network. Routing is the process of selecting paths in a network along which to send network traffic. In many ways, routing is analogous to the postal mail delivery. The routing on the Internet and many other computer networks is based on IP addresses, although routing could use other information such as services. Assume that you are the designer of a new network scheme that does not depend on the current TCP/IP protocols.In your post, address the following:

·         What information do you think is best used for routing? Explain.

·         Since each computer has a Media Access Control (MAC) address for its network interface, what would be the biggest downside to using the computer's MAC address for routing?

·         What is the most significant benefit to using IP addresses for routing? What is the primary technical goal you could meet because of this benefit?


Be sure to defend and support your opinion and remember to properly cite your sources according to APA guidelines.
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