Eva's Barbershop Pixie Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

After Eva has her hair colored for a previous video, she visits the barbershop with a magazine in hand for the perfect haircut -- the pixie. She takes a seat in the old white chrome barber chair and a pin stripe cape covers her summer dress. Her cute high heels peek out from under the cape. After the neck strip is in place, the barber uses a scissors to take her long hair down to a manageable size. At the moment the barber flicks on the Oster 76 clippers, Eva's eyes widen...she wasn't expecting those! After some brilliant clipper work that give Eva's hair a business man's look, the barber brings out the scissors and the comb once more to make her haircut even shorter. Thinning shears are also used on Eva's hair for a smooth finish. Eva enjoys her time in the barber chair and even requests that the barber trim around her ears because "it's fun." So women, if you think the barber chair isn't for you, think again! Eva's smile and laughter will put you at ease and you'll wish that you could be in her spot. duration: 28 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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