Room Mesh - RikRak Room *Catalog Upload only!!*

Resale Rights by: QueenIrish

These Mehes were made by QueenIrish and exclusive resale rights were purchased by PeanutSkye!!

** You will receive 7 Meshes(3 rooms, 2 rugs and 2 frames), and 3 texture packs in the purchase of this bundle **


*~*~* RULES *~*~*
1. Do not share with anyone.
2. Do not use on 2nd account unless you contact me first!
3. For use only on IMVU! **(You MUST use the chkn file included)**
4. You are getting a Chkn file for easy upload *(just change the mesh holder textures if you choose to)*
5. Instruction Sheet will be included in the zip you are receiving to help with your chkn file.
6. You will also recieve an info sheet for purchasing these files.

If you have any other questions email me at [email protected] or message me on IMVU at PeanutSkye :)

Thank you for your purchase!

P.S - If you are a VIP member of mine please contact me BEFORE you purchase!

Thank You! --Mandy

*~* Links to meshes included in this Purchase *~*

Visage Room Mesh -
Solars Room Mesh -
Rik-Rak Room Mesh -

Small Room Mesh 1 -
Carpet Mesh 1 -
Frame Mesh 1 -

Small Room Mesh 2 -
Carpet Mesh 2 -
Frame Mesh 2 -
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