Articles in this issue:

Elements of Good Teaching and Good Teachers: A Theoretical Framework and Effective Strategies for Special Educators

What Factors Contribute to Self-Efficacy

Co-Teaching and Collaboration: Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceived Sense of Efficacy in Teaching Students with Disabilities

Creating a Common Table: Using Peer Mediated Intervention to Promote Social Communication Skills with At-Risk and Autism Spectrum Disorder Populations

Home-School Collaboration for Students with ASDs: Parents’ Perspectives

Validating an Observation Protocol to Measure Special Education Teacher Effectiveness

Teaching Play Skills Through the Use of Assistive Technology and Instructional Strategies: A National Survey

Student Outcomes in a Blended Preschool Program

A Meta-Analytic Review of Tactile-Cued Self-Monitoring Interventions Used by Students in Educational Settings

Teachers’ Knowledge of Special Education Policies and Practices
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