[addons] HairMesher v0.3.1)(for blender 2.79+ windows)20170820

this addon can generates mesh along the hair guides,the generated mesh can be fully customize,
you can set the segment /width from toot to tip/column/twist/UVs to the hair strip
the UVs are generated along with the mesh,the generated mesh will face towards to the host
mesh just like the way we model it menully,there are two style of mesh strip :flat & arch,you can
set the hight of the arch.
when your hair mesh has been all seted up,you can generate bones along the strip ,also
the bones's number can be custom.and the weight of hair bones will be generated , you can
do animation immediately.

you can discuss on this thread:

(1):add the sample feature that you can reduce the number of hair strand.
(2):fix the crash issue that will make blender crash ramdonly .
(1): the final generated hair mesh will add  a vertex group call 'pin' that sets the root weight to 1.0,  it's ready for the cloth simulation pin setting
(2):there's an option that can proect vertex color form host to the generated hair mesh.
(3):I have rewrite the calculation part using C++ module that compile to a dll and loaded
by py, I have tested ,the perfomence of generating hair will be more than 20 times fast than the Previous version.(but this speed increase only available in windows OS).

this really fix the crash issue(that if you add another hair mesh to the scene and than crash immediately in previous version)
add an option "increase HAIRTEMP object". if you want to generate another hair mesh.

1:fix the uv generation error of previous version.
2:add a button that  generates the hair mateiral with texture.

new features:
1:select the near hair particle(if two hairs are too close to each other you can select and remove one of them).
2:you can define segment/removement/material/ by vertex weight.
3:improve the performance.
4:add the option of realtime that if you don't want to update the hair mesh while changing the perameter.

new features:
1:add a feature that distribute the hair strand UV to four divisions of the UV space by weight map.
2:add a presets panel to the layout that can save and reuse your last preset.
1:fix the remove funtion error
2:improve the performance.
1:bugs fix.
2:fix the error of hair strand face to the surface normal in the previous version(now make it face to the surface more precise you can make the long hair twine and appress the body correctly)
3:add an button call "ramdon directon" that can let the hair strands not face to the surface but in ramdon directon.
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