Master Icon Set - PowerPoint deck tools

Any slide deck designer knows the importance of great icons.  This is the master set that our own consultants use on projects, with each icon hand chosen or created to work within C-level client presentations and to cover nearly any general subject needed.

Quite simply, there is not a better or an easier to use icon set out there.  We wanted the best set, so we had to create it ourselves.  This collection is really worth hundreds in regular value, and took uncountable hours over many years building up.  It will be a phenomenal addition to any slide builder's library of tools.

  • 1000+ ICONS filling nearly any need (more than that, actually, but we eventually stopped counting!)

  • READY-TO-USE in PowerPoint, free from having to import or covert

  • SORTED by category, and subject

  • SEARCHABLE by type and subject - Just type the name in "Find" and it will go directly to related icons due to the easy labeling

  • BRAND and COLOR CHANGING easy by pre-conversion as .pptx elements

  • EXTRA SPACE FOR YOU, with blank pages and categories making it easy to add your own specialty icons

Nonprofit Support Reminder:  As a reminder, all proceeds from the purchase of our tools and templates are used to offset the direct costs we incur in extensive pro bono work to support undergraduate leadership training programs that we volunteer for and give back to, but that comes at a real cost. Your assistance, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

License Reminder: 
This is a license for a single user to utilize this set of tools.  License data is included in the file, and also available on our website

Common Sense Software Reminder:  These are .pptx files for Microsoft PowerPoint.  While they typically may be easily converted for use in other programs (such as Keynote, Google Slides, etc.), we are unable to guarantee any or all features in programs other than PowerPoint.  Users of other programs are doing so at their own risk, and cannot be refunded if documents do not function in other programs as they do in PowerPoint.
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