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Penguin Shaved Ice

Project Three Page 1 Project 3 Penguin Shaved Ice – Part II Write a program for a shaved ice stand (aka snowball stand) to display the bill for the cashier. The program requests the name and zip code of the shaved ice stand and converts the text. The program then accepts the number of sales per size, performs the necessary computations, computes the 6% tax, and displays the bill similar to the example below. You are going to create two classes: and (Please follow specifications and do not create any extra methods or properties). IceStand Class: This class has two properties: Name and Location (both are strings). Create the corresponding Mutators (set methods) with this specification: setName: coverts the shaved ice stand name entered by the user to all capital letters, and add the extra line (see example below). This value is assigned to the corresponding property. setLocation: based on the zip code entered by the user, assign the corresponding location. 21228 Catonsville 21222 Dundalk 21237 Essex Other value Baltimore Constructor: Create only one constructor that accepts the name of the shaved ice stand, and the zip code entered by the user, and call the corresponding mutators, so the properties can be set up. toString Method: return a string with the name and location (first three lines of the receipt). Snowball Class: This class has the following properties: String size Integer quantity Double unitPrice Double totalPrice In addition, it will have a constant: TAX_RATE (this value should be static). Constructor: In this case create an empty constructor (all the properties initialized to zero or null). calculatePrice Method: this method will receive the size, quantity, and unit price of the snowball sold: Small $ 1.25 Medium $ 2.40 Large $ 3.55 Project Three Page 2 This method will set the size, quantity, and unit price, and calculate the total price. It will also return the total price calculated. toString Method: will return the string composed by the size, quantity, unit price, and total price. Please format the prices using the currency format. calculateTax Method: this method will return the value of the tax based on the total sent to it. This method should be static. Now, that you have your two classes ready, you can test them by creating the demo: Prompt the user for the name of the shave ice stand, and the zip code. Use the IceStand class to set the name and location values. Prompt the user for the number of small, medium and large snowballs sold in this transaction (your loop will end when the quantity for small is -1). Display the title of the receipt. Use the Snowball class to instantiate three objects smallSnowball, mediumSnowball, largeSnowball, and calculate the total for each one of them. Display the detail of the receipt. Calculate and display the tax for the whole bill. Calculate and display the total of the bill. In each iteration of the loop: print the title of the receipt, the detail, the tax, and the total bill. Enter name of shaved ice stand: Baltimore Shaved ice Enter zip code: 21237 Enter number of small (-1 to stop).....8 Enter number of medium......2 Enter number of large.......5 BALTIMORE SHAVED ICE //////// ~ ~ ~ \\\\\\\\ Essex Price Total Small 8 $ 1.25 $ 10.00 Medium 2 $ 2.40 $ 4.80 Large 5 $ 3.55 $ 17.75 Sub-total $ 32.55 Tax (6%) $ 1.95 Total bill $ 34.50 Enter number of small (-1 to stop)..... Grading: (20 points) (15 points) (15 points) Testing and Accuracy (5 points)
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