ENG 223 Week 5 Research-Driven Long, Formal Report

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 ENG 223 Week 5 Research-Driven Long, Formal Report

Review the assignment overview

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Research-Driven Long Formal Report Instructions



In Week 5, submit the final report described below.




Write a 1,050- to 1750-word Research-Driven Formal Report that researches and reports on principles and methods related to one of the following topics.




Methods to improve a company’s customer service


Methods to improve employee morale.


Considerations and methods to reduce business costs


Considerations of  successfully introducing Informal, dress down Fridays


Effective workforce communication and engagement (between a company and the employees)


ALERT: This report should be useful to any business or company


Please do not refer to fictional companies or hypothetical situations.  Personal experiences also will not fit into this assignment.


The core of this assignment is research.



Research and discuss the following related to the team topic:





Best industry methods: What should a company do to ensure effective implementation related to your topic? If a manager wanted to implement a related program, what does he need to know?  This is the core of the assignment.


Research and describe at least one real-life example to support the discussion. Discuss a company that effectively implements the best practices related to the team topic.  Internet research will qualify to identify case studies applicable to your topic.  Tie the case study to the discussion of best methods.  WARNING: A company website may offer information regarding the company’s practice; however, recognize that there may be bias and find third-party sources what a company web site may state or “brag”about.


Develop or find an illustration that supports the content. See the textbook for guidance.


Also consider: Background/definitions as needed.  Benefits to a company that effectively implemements best methods.  Impact on a company that does not adhere to best methods.




Support your discussion with a minimum of THREE sources, including at least TWO from the University of Phoenix library. 


Internet sources ending in .com or .net may not be used.  Internet domain names ending in .edu or .org are acceptable.  A popular business magazine or newspaper also may be used. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) offers excellent information on some of these topics, as does the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and PEW Research.


Popular business magazines or newspapers may be used in addition to the library sources.



Support your discussion with a minimum of one visual element. This relates to a meaningful graph or chart that relates to the content vs. clip art or Google images.  Be sure to explain the visual element and tie it to the related discussion.  Insert it as close as possible to related information in the discussion.  Explain how it supports/ties in to the discussion.


Identify the visual as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. just below it.  Cite the source underneath the image xxxlike this


Fig. 1: Title of Image (Source, date, p. x).


FORMAT your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



Organize the content of the report in keeping with the example of a long report in Ch.18 of Workplace Writing. It must include the following headings. Use APA format unless otherwise indicated below:





Title page (use APA format)


Table of Contents


List of illustrations


Abstract: separate page prior to the Introduction (for APA, center the heading); do not indent. See the attachments regarding abstract.


Introduction (Thesis statement, general context or background; preview of discussion to follow)


Discussion, with illustration inserted into this section.


Conclusion (a recommendation is not required)


References in APA style/format/separate page/s



Note. The title page, table of contents, list of illustrations, and references page will not count toward your final word count.



Cite all sources in the text of the report and in a list of references in APA style/format.   Cite all sources used, even if the information is summarized or paraphrasedl