HS 205 Week 2 Understanding Generational Boundaries

HS 205 Week 2 Understanding Generational Boundaries

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 HS 205 Week 2 Understanding Generational Boundaries

Conduct an Internet search using the terms generational, age divide, age gaps, boundaries, age boundaries, or some variation of those terms.

Compile a list of what you feel currently divides different generations. Consider technology and values.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper that addresses differences between generations and boundaries, while also addressing each of the questions below:




How can a human sevices professional motivate and mentor clients in different age populations?


Is there a different manner in which human services professionals need to interact with different age populations?


How can human services professionals use this knowledge to build positive relationships among the aging population?


What tools can be used to foster effective communication amongst aging populations?


What are some barriers a human services professional must overcome when working with a client from a different age bracket?


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