Acc280 Financial Accounting: E4-6 The accountant of Whitney Houston Shoe Co

Acc280 Financial Accounting

E4-6 (Multiple-step and Single-step)
The accountant of Whitney Houston Shoe Co. has compiled the following information from the company's records as a basis for an income statement for the year ended December 31, 2007.
Rental revenue 29,000
Interest on notes payable 18,000
Market appreciation on land above cost 31,000
Wages and salaries—sales 114,800
Materials and supplies—sales 17,600
Income tax 37,400
Wages and salaries—administrative 135,900
Other administrative expenses 51,700
Cost of goods sold 496,000
Net sales 980,000
Depreciation on plant assets (70% selling, 30% administrative) 65,000
Cash dividends declared 16,000

There were 20,000 shares of common stock outstanding during the year.

(a) Prepare a multiple-step income statement.
(b) Prepare a single-step income statement.
(c) Which format do you prefer? Discuss.
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