235 Miss Iris, the Fiat Panda ... and every cold morning !

Miss Iris, wearing a flower dress and knee high boots, is ready to go to work.

Today is a really cold morning and she is worried that her Fiat Panda will not start up.

She gets in her old Panda while hoping it will start straight away, but she know it rarely happens in those cold mornings... She turns the key and she hears no sounds from the engine.

She tries again and still no sounds...Uh oh. She starts pumping the pedal, maybe pumping some gas in the engine will let it start! Still no sounds from the engine.

She continues doing the troubleshooting pumping first slowly, then harder and harder, but still no cranking sound from the engine!

The only thing that is changing is the sound of the starter, it seems that the battery is getting weaker every attempt she does... it's very frustrating!

She then checks under the hood to see if she can find some disconnected cables, but everything seems normal...

Will she get the car started before the battery dies?
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