A+ Answers - Where is the best place

1. An example of historical literature or otherwise creative work that demonstrates an author style or purpose is
A. Merriam-Webster online
B. Whos who
C. A tale of two cities by cahrles dickens
D. World almanac and book of fact
2.Which of the following is a primary source?
A. A manuscript
B. A fiction book
C. A textbook
D. A lournal article

3.Identify which of the following is a step in the research process
A. Meet with your intructors
B. Write yuor pape
C. Participate in a peer review
D. Evaluate your source

4. Where is the best place to look for information about a specific person?
A. The white queen
B. Atlas of american history
C. A trade journal
D. A current biography or book

7. If you were looking for the number of preschools in the US it would be best to consult a
A. Listserv
B. Newspaper
C. Statistical source
D. Social media website
9. Which of the following is not a secondary source
A. A textbook
B. An autobiography
C. An encyclopedia
D. A book

10 before you begin a researching a broad topic it is best to consult a various sources which can include
A. Trade journals, wikipedia, webinars and expert interview
B. Social media, blogs, television, and supervisor
C. Encyclopedia, dvd, friends and coworkers
D. The course textbook study guide, lesson notes and webinars

11. If you are seeking original research current and developing trend and expert within a specifict field you should consult
A. Television and video recording
B. Periodical/ trade journal
C. Subject-specific encyclopedia
D. Encyclopedia such as wordl book encyclopedia, encyclopedia.com or encyclopedia britannica
12. In lesson 1 of your information literacy course some of the key concepts you learned were how to
A. Choose and refine a topic understand the difference between primary and secondary resources and how to narrow your research
B. use periodical databases, complete a citation and do bibliography
C. Choose primary and secondary resources how to use periodical databases and how to create a bibliography
D. use meta search engines and web crawlers
15. ____ is a great way to broaden or narrow your search
A. Asking more questions
B. Choosing a trending research topic
C. Soliciting for topic ideas in the penn foster community
D. Asking your intructor to assign you topic
16. To find a historical persoective about 20 century it would be best to consult:
A. Nonfiction book or ebook
B. Periodical
C. Fiction book or ebook
D. Glossary

18. To find original research in animal diseases prevention it would be best to consult an
A. Dictionary
B. Thesaurus
C. Periodical ( trade journal)
D. Almanac
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