ISCOM 476 Week 4 Managing the Returns Process

ISCOM 476 Week 4 Managing the Returns Process

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 ISCOM 476 Week 4 Managing the Returns Process

Supply Chain Managers are inundated with challenges and how we manage those changes can contribute to either effective or ineffective results for the company. Returns must be managed with careful consideration.

You opened a successful ecommerce business that grosses $1 million in sales, but you now realize that your returns are larger than you anticipated. These include warranty returns, product dissatisfaction returns, customer dissatisfaction returns, etc. The amount of returns is costing you 20% ($200,000) instead of the 5% projected ($50,000).

Prepare an 8- to 12-slide visual presentation with speaker notes (or produce a video, or narrate your speaker’s notes instead) in order to solve this challenge and to be able to control returns to meet the company’s goals.

Address the following:




Return management process


Integrated forward and reverse flows


The challenge of managing returns


Confirm how these processes will enable you to meet the 5% returns goal.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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