Basic Practice Plugin

Practice | 5$ | Party, Custom Class, EditKit, Top Elo, ScoreBoard, and more...
Practice is a plugin made by me.
This plugin as a lot of features !
Here is the feature:

Scoreboard editable
Custom class
Settings (Toggle scoreboard, toggle duel...)
Party (Split, FFA, Party VS Party)
Top ELO, language system


/accept = Accept duel from player (No perm)
/arena = Create, Delete, Edit arena (Perm: arena.use)
/build = Turn on build mod (Perm: build.use)
/duel = Send duel to player (No perm)
/editkit = Manage editkit spawn, editkit chest (Perm: editkit.use)
/elo = See your elo (No perm)
/inv = See inventory after duel (No perm)
/ladder = Create, Manage, Edit, Delete ladder (class) (Perm: ladder.use)
/mod = Staff mod (Perm: mod.use)
/party = Create party, invite, kick player, disband party, accept duel party (No perm)
/ping = See your ping or the ping of other players (No perm)
/practicespawn = Set the global spawn (Perm: practice.setspawn)
/spec = Spectate player in match (No perm)
/sb = Toggle/detoggle scoreboard (No perm)

How to setup the plugin on your server

Put the plugin in your plugins folder
Start/Restart your server
Connect to your server, and do /practicespawn at your global spawn
Restart your server
Setup editkit: Go to your editkit build, do /editkit setspawn to set the default location. Take chest in your hand, and do /editkit chest1, place the chest, and do /editkit chest2 and place chest again. After this, place sign who need to have the word "Spawn" in.
Setup ladder: Take item in your hand, and do /ladder add [Name] (Name is case sentitive every time). After this, do : /ladder set [Name] DisplayName [DisplayName is Unranked/ranked GUI]. After this one, you need to config it : /ladder set [Name] [DisplayName, Combo, BuildUHC, Ranked, Unranked, Edit] [True/False] and finally do /ladder setkit [Name] and restart/reload your server!
Setup arena: Do /arena item, and select the region of your arena like WorldEdit. After doing this, you need to create it : /arena create [Name]. After your arena was created, you need to setup spawnpoint: /arena setspawn[1, 2] [Name]. The last command to do is : /arena set [Name] [BuildUHC, Combo] [True,False].
Restart your server, and your server is now ready!

If you are any bugs with this plugin, send me the log in DM and i will patch it in the day !

(If plugin doesn't work with your spigot send me your spigot in DM i will compile with it!)
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