Groove Lab

All new 3 hour gospel piano workshop, Groove Lab, reveals Essential Concepts You Need to Know if you want to take your piano grooves to the next level!

Who Should Grab This Course?  

This course is structured for those who want to move from beginner piano concepts to more intermidiate and advanced sounds but it is great for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to play smooth grooves on piano.

  • Anyone who discover how to enhance the basic chords you already know.

  • Anyone who wants to unpack phat chord progressions.

Here's What You Get:

  • My 5 essential groove concepts every keyboardist should know.

  • Note by note breakdowns of 5 grooves.

  • Tips, tricks and improvisational strategies to enhance your grooves.

  • Practice tracks to work out the concepts.

  • Devotional groove training. (For songs like I'm a Soldier)

  • Shout music groove training and breaks

  • Training on using the Sus2 Chord Voicing

  • Much more...

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