BUSN380 Week 4 Assignment - Project #1 - Job Search and Personal Budget Instructions & Notes

Successful caterers share similar skills and characteristics. Caterers must be organized and able to handle a fast-past work environment, while planning and executing special events (e.g. weddings, formal parties, corporate meetings, etc.). The key is being able to multitask. Excellent communication skills when dealing with the public, customers, and other vendors are necessary. This helps caterers gain more business via positive word of mouth, as do strong client and customer service skills, which help caterers gain more referrals. Knowledge about running business operations helps caterers in their everyday work environment, and being deadline-oriented is a necessity since most caterers are self-employed. Unless they are working on a contract assignment, or for a culinary enterprise, caterers must motivate themselves in order to stay in business. Managerial skills are also important for when caterers hire employees to help with additional services.
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