HST 165 Week 2 The Progressives

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 HST 165 Week 2 The Progressives

In 1910, the non-agricultural working force was made up of approximately 38 million men and women, many of whom labored in factories. Frustrated by exploitive working conditions and terrible poverty, some Americans started to protest. They were joined by artists, journalists, politicians, and intellectuals who adopted their cause. As a whole, these reformers were known as Progressives.

Select one of the following groups that included members sympathetic to the Progressive cause:




Factory workers


Union organizers




Writers and journalists




Elected officials


Settlement House founders


Socialists and Communists


Create a multi-slide presentation, using Microsoft® PowerPoint®  in which you address the following:




Identify several key members of the selected group.


Discuss the selected group’s position on reform.


Discuss how the selected group contributed to positive change.


Cite your reference sources consistent with APA guidelines following the instructions I posted on day one in class and using the template I attached.





On the slides, use bullets of no more than six words each and at least a paragraph or two in the notes section of each slide with a citation for each paragraph.


For the picture slides, do not put anything on the slide itself except the picture (and the slide title). Then in the notes, write a description of the picture and include a FULL APA REFERENCE!


Do not delete or change (except adding a background) any of the slides. You must have all of the bullet slides with a full paragraph for each bullet.

Only two pictures for the presentation!!! Do not have any writing on the picture slides except for the titles!!!

The only place you are allowed to find your pictures is:


Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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