WEB 236 Week 3 DQ 2

After reading McElgunn’s article, I have come to an appreciation for Google(r)® and how they manage to do things.  I used to figure that Google(r) had web crawlers out there that roamed the net freely and came across web sites and reported back to Google(r) whatever they found.  While that is in principle what they still do, website developers in order to increase traffic to their site need to:

1.       Use the power of social media.  According to Digital Buzz Log, 60 million Facebook® users engage with Facebook connect on external websites each month.  With that many users reaching out on external sites, connecting with Facebook® is a flat out numbers game no-brainer.  The more people you can get the content out to using Facebook®, the better.

2.       The power of video is another key item to consider.  YouTube® receives heavy traffic, it is addicting true fact of life.  People like video.  Putting stuff that people really like will redirect attention to your website increasing your hits and therefore increasing your status with Google(r).

3.       Send your website data to Google® when you update.  The more accurate your sitemap is, the better as it allows Google® to ‘crawl’ your site with ease.

4.       Use the title tag of your page to tie it to a search term.  This will increase the likeliness that someone may come across your website if you have more key search items in each of your web pages.

5.       Putting photos to work.  Simple name to pictures will bring increased traffic as well.  By naming photographs with relevant tags, the more hits you are likely to get.
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