Movie : Promised Land. I want the Outline and Essay Rough Draft

The Title of Your Review is not the Title of the Film Make it a Clever Pun on the
Film’s Title: Eternal Sunshine is Spotless
All film titles are italicized: 300, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Eternal Sunshine of the
Spotless Mind, The Gods Must Be Crazy
Sample Outline for the Film Review:
I. Remember the audience and their expectations as you begin the film review:
The audience has turned to your film review to learn whether or not they should see
the film. They want your opinion to be informed and valid. You must persuade them
of your judgment of the film with evidence from the film itself, without giving away
key plot twists. So, with that being said, how would you begin a review aimed at this
audience about your film? Hook the reader and establish your credibility as a writer
and critic. In the intro, the reader should know your overall opinion of the film and be
eager to find out what helped you form that opinion, that is, a thesis-like mentioning
of the 3 or more elements you will analyze (acting, characters, theme...).
II. Give some background info on the film: release date, identify the important players
(Actors, Directors, Screenwriters) and their past works, compare this film to other
films, if it’s a remake or an adaptation, compare it to the original work, compare it to
films by the same actors, director, or screenwriter, if it’s a big/low budget film, tell
how much it cost if it is relevant to your opinion of the film...
III. Brief plot summary: 100 words, no more, no less
IV. Analyze acting: Give us your opinion on the acting with specific supporting
examples from the film.
Acting is about the actor, not the character: use the actor’s name What makes the
acting good/bad/mediocre?
How does the acting contribute to your overall opinion of the film?
V. Analyze character: Give us your opinion on the characters with specific supporting
details from the film.
Character is about the character, not the actor: use the character’s name Are the
characters believable people?
Do they face significant conflicts, and are they challenged to change? Is there a
protagonist and antagonist?
Is there a journey for the main character(s)?
How do the characters contribute to your overall opinion of the film?
VI. Analyze theme: Give us your opinion on the theme with specific supporting
details from the film.
Others can relate to this film because it’s, death/grief, overcoming
obstacles, true love...

What does it say about true love, family, death/grief, life as a teenage immigrant in
How does the theme contribute to your overall opinion of the film? VII. Your bottom
line evaluation of the film is 2-4 sentences.
Should the audience see the movie or not? Should I spend money?
Who should I see it with? Where? When? Why is it or isn’t it worthwhile?
A Vague Example/Template of a Film Review:
I. Intro: Identify a quote from the film and comment on its importance.
So and so states/yells/whispers in The Title of Your Film,
_______.” We know this is no ordinary coming-of-age story. The Title of Your Film is
an unexpected, shockingly brilliant independent film. [A little more on the
significance of the line, perhaps...] Exceptional acting from an unknown cast (though
they will be known now), a mesmerizing script (The Writer was firing at all
cylinders), and the exploration of contemporary, global themes (a wonderful break
from narrow, life-in-America themes of many films this year) make The Title of Your
Film the most important film of the year.
II. Background/Contextual Info: Tell us the context for the film
The Title of Your Film was nearly a failure. The money ran out, even though The Title
of Your Film was the lowest budgeted film to hit theatres this year. By the grace of the
cinema gods, Bill Gates stepped in, donating $XXX,XXX to help director First Name
Last Name (Past Film 1 and Past Film 2) complete his masterpiece. If you liked Title
of a Similar Film and Another Title of a Similar Film, The Title of Your Film is for
you. [Talk about the director’s and screenwriter’s previous films. Mention the noname actors...].
III. Plot Summary: No more than 100 words
The 12-year-old Ale (Alejandro Polanco, this is the actor’s name) is an accomplished
hustler, whether reselling bags of candy on the subway with a polished sales pitch or
stealing hubcaps. He lives, with his 16-year-old sister Isamar (Isamar Gonzales, this is
the actress’s name), in a tiny plywood room inside an auto mechanic's shop in a
chaotic district known as Willets Point (a.k.a. the Iron Triangle), bustling with similar
unauthorized parts and body joints.
That's about as big as Ale's world gets. Ale survives in a world inside a world inside a
world. Trouble comes for the brother and sister when the quest for the American
Dream brings them to leads them to new lows. [From Ebert’s review of Chop Shop]

IV-VI. Analysis: Analyze actor, character, and theme in order to support your opinion
of the film IV. How are the actors’ performances?
What makes it so? Give 2-4 examples to support this opinion:
V. What about the characters? Who are the main characters?
_________ What motivates each of the main characters?
________. Without giving anything away, identify the main characters’ conflicts.

VII. What are 2-3 of the major themes? What does this movie say about poverty, war,
love, good and evil, or any other theme?
VII. Your Bottom Line Evaluation: Should we or should we not see this film?
Should everyone see this film? Yes. Will everyone see this film? I hope so. It’s rare
that a thrasher film includes love sub-plot, which makes Bi-Partisan Death Affair even
rarer because, though bodies fall in every scene, love has not been explored like this
since Romeo and Juliet. President Barrack Obama’s directorial debut is the first film
ever made by a president in office, and let’s hope it’s the last because no president can
touch the brilliance, no director alive today can touch the brilliance of Bi-Partisan
Death Affair. See it. See it. See it.

Purposes: Writing about the Environment

Evaluate how effectively a film explores one of its major 
themes. Remember it's not a summary, but a review of the 
elements, characters, and themes in the film.
Relevance: You will use evaluation skills in future college 
classes and in many professional situations (e.g., critiquing a 
policy, practice, or performance).
Choice of Film: Avatar, Erin Brockovich, Wall E, or Promised 
*If you have a different environmental film you're interested in 
that relates to sustainability, email me by Friday for approval.
Page Length: 4­6 pages
* Demonstrate knowledge of the individual writing process.
* Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution.
* Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose.
* Use Edited American English in an academic essay.
1. Watch the movie critically taking notes to assist in the 
development of your film review details.
2. Critically engage in the movie's themes, character 
development and connection to the environment.
3. Google and read 3 film critics' review about your selected 
film. Incorporate one quote from each critic in your paper to 
support your themes. Make sure you include your sources on 
your Works Cited page.
4. Write a 3­5 page MLA formatted film review including essay 
Short introduction paragraph:
* Begin with an effective “hook”
* Mention the film’s title
* Include a clear thesis statement that fits the assignment (how 
effectively the film develops one of its major themes)

Story overview paragraph:
* Provide the basics of the plot
Well­developed support paragraphs:
* Explain how various elements contribute to or detract from the
movie’s development of two or three major themes
* Use at least one direct quote from the film (be sure to integrate
and punctuate it correctly)
Conclusion paragraph:
* Provide closure for your evaluation
* Restate themes
* Tell the reader who should and who should not see the film 
(briefly describe the ideal viewer)

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