GEO 180 Week 4 Weathering Brochure

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GEO 180 Week 4 Weathering Brochure

Imagine that you are the Director of Environmental Safety for a major city in the United States. As the director, you are asked to write a press release educating the public on chemical and mechanical weathering of national monuments, such as the limestone buildings in Washington, DC, or important tombs made of limestone throughout the country.

Create an educational brochure that includes the following information:




Definitions of both mechanical and chemical weathering


Descriptions of frost wedging, frost heaving, salt-crystal growth, and exfoliation


Descriptions of hydrolysis, oxidation and carbonation


Explanation of the relationship between chemical and mechanical weathering


Explanation of how human activity affects chemical and mechanical weathering


Format your assignment, citations, and references consistent with APA guidelines. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion and a separate reference section formatted per APA.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. When submitting the assignment as the saved file include your first initial, last name and the name of the assignment. For example, A. Smith GEO 180 Weathering Brochure.
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