Qlolodn: Free Halloween Prank Gif Generator

From the maker of the successful Qlilipn (http://bit.ly/Qlilipn), a photoshop actions to create 2.5D Parallax effect from a static image.
More than 1,500 downloads and counting.

Introduce you to Qlolodn, Halloween Prank Gif Generator for Photoshop.
A very simple (no, it’s crazy simple!) photoshop actions to create prank animation gif to celebrate this halloween.

Surprise your friends and family using this crazy simple Photoshop Actions!
Just simply open the psd file and play the actions. Qlolodn will turn your photo into animated gif with surprise ending!
Super easy and oh, did we mention it's free?

*Recently tested with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5


Download it for free! Or you can buy me a coffee or two, it's up to you ;)

Happy Halloween!
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