Explain why 360 degree feedback  - Expert Answers

Explain why 360 degree feedback - Expert Answers

1.     Explain why 360-degree feedback performance appraisals may provide a more accurate understanding of employees performance. 

2.     Gather a group of your friends or colleagues and ask them about their wants and needs. It is likely that you will discover gaps in the marketplace. Do not judge the answers you receive; you are only seeking information, and the more ideas you generate, the better. Adapt the following questions to fit your market: 

a.      What frustrates you most about your daily life? Banking? Dating? Buying a car? Grocery shopping? Clothing shopping? Buying textbooks? Registering for class? Eating out? Relaxing? Exercising?

b.     What products or services do you need or want but cannot find?

c.      What products or services would enhance your quality of life?

d.     How could you increase your productivity without working more hours?

e.      What would make you happy?

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