Randy's Haircut in a Beauty Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Randy is starting a new job, so he stops by for a haircut at Carmen's Creative Styling. Since he's not really sure what he wants, he give Carmen free-reign to do whatever she pleases. After cutting off 8" of a braided ponytail, Carmen leads Randy back for a shampoo. He is brought back to the chair to have his hair trimmed with the scissors. Randy says that he still prefers something shorter, so after Carmen removes the hair pins, Kat attaches a #10 guard on the Oster clippers, and runs it through his fluffy hair. Hair quickly piles up in his lap and floor. The clippers snap off and Carmen talently uses the scissors to create a short hairstyle that Randy likes. Duration: 41 minutes, Screen size: 720x480, Format: .wmv
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