Race Boat application

In this project, you will make Race Boat application. Each Race Boat has a name. The name of the boats should be read from a file “boats.txt”. You can assume there will be a maximum of 100 boats. Copy and paste the following boat names in the boat.txt file:

Sea Monkey


Cast Away



The application should be able to accept commands from the user. The user has to provide the commands in the following format:

<Boat name, <command


Sea Monkey, power on

Sea Monkey, turn left

Sea Monkey, speed up

The acceptable commands are the following (Any other command should be considered invalid):

Command (1st line in bold)

Description (2nd line non-bold):

power on

This commands powers up the boat

power off

This commands powers off the boat

speed up

This commands increases the boat speed by the minimum speed increment 2 mph

slow down

This commands decreases the boat speed by the minimum speed decrement 2 mph

turn left

This commands turns the boat to the left by the minimum left turn degree 5 deg

turn right

This commands turns the boat to the right by the minimum right turn degree 5 deg

After each command is entered and executed, the state of the boat should be output.

Backdraft at the speed of 10 mph moving in the direction 330 deg.
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