258 : A true story !! NO FICTION !! - Miss Iris scaring trip with the WV Beetle

Miss Iris, dressed with a black coat, striped black and black boots, is heading to a new mechanic with her Beetle.

This car is giving problems lately to the Misses, so she wants to find out what can be the issue, before giving the car to the mechanic.

He is on the other side of Turin, so she has to travel around the whole town hoping that the car will behave properly.

As it's a very cold day, she has some problems starting up the engine, and as the battery is almost flat, she hopes to start it straight away!

The engine makes a weird noise, but maybe it's because of the cold!

As she knows the cars love barefeet, she removes the shoes and the socks, but at the same time she is very scared that the engine will stall!

The trip to the mechanic is very scary, as the Beetle stalls as soon as she removes the foot on the gas pedal, even just to brake... It's a real odyssey!

Will she make it to the mechanic?
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