21 Rules Of Dating by The Dating Truth

21 Rules Of Dating by The Dating Truth

This guide is full of 21 ideas that are what most experts leave you to figure out on your own.

The rules are simple but they can be incredibly impactful when it comes to changing your view on dating and dating better.

Take your dating life from dull to wow in a flash!

The 21 Rules are designed to give you to guidelines you need to change your dating life quickly. Rules such as:

Rule #1. Never Settle
Rule #2. Be Your “best” self
Rule #3. Have A Plan Of Action
Rule #4. Follow Your Path
Rule #5. Always Look Your Best
Rule #6. Confidence In Who You Are
Rule #7. Confidence In What You Do
Rule #8. Confidence In The Results
Rule # 9. Be Appropriate
Rule # 10. Only Time Builds Intimacy
Rule # 11. Never Lie
Rule #12. Be Patient
Rule # 13. Give Compliments
Rule #14. Live In The Present
Rule #15. Trust Yourself
Rule #16. Show Interest In Your Date
Rule #17. Open Your Mind
Rule #18. Have Sex When You Want To
Rule #19 Take Risks
Rule #20 Have Faith
Rule #21 Have Fun

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21 Rules Of Dating by The Dating Truth
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