Business Continuity and Crisis Management – MMN21340.DOCX

Business Continuity and Crisis Management – MMN21340

Report 3000 words

Weighting 50%
Select a major organisational crisis and write a report outlining the key issues that the organisation faced and how these issues were managed. 

You are expected to critically evaluate the handling of the event in terms of both crisis management and crisis communication efforts and provide recommendations for improvement where appropriate.  The report should draw on the theory and concepts studied in the module and make reference to a range of academic and professional journal articles and texts.

Marking Criteria for the Report



-       draws on a wide range of literature on the theory and practice of  crisis management and crisis communication.

-       Demonstrates critical thinking, not merely descriptive.

-       includes recommendations for improvement

80 %

-       free from spelling & grammatical  errors

-       in report writing style

-       neat layout

-       consistent use of fonts throughout


-       fully referenced in line with Harvard

-       references in alphabetical order
Further instructions overleaf.
You must submit the report following the guidelines below:

1.             Use one staple in the top left corner to secure your work DO NOT submit in a plastic wallet or a polypocket.

2.             The front sheet must display

               i.The student’s name

             ii. The title of the student’s degree programme

           iii.The module title and code

           iv. The coursework title

             v.An accurate word count

3.Use the Harvard System of referencing – see the University Citation Guide if you are unsure

4.The penalty for plagiarism will apply and is outlined in the Assessment Regulations for the University

5.Include a full list of references – this does not count towards the word count. DO NOT include a bibliography.

On-campus Students – A hard copy of the assignment must be handed in to the programmes office – W116.  In addition a copy should also be submitted via Turnitin on Blackboard.
Distance Learning Students -   Please submit a copy via Turnitin on Blackboard and email a hard copy to [email protected]

GCU London students – Please submit a hard copy to the GCU London reception and a copy via Turnitin on Blackboard.

PLEASE NOTE: Extensions will only be given for extenuating circumstances beyond the students control and must be agreed personally with the Module Leader – Dawn Anderson - ahead of the hand in date.  Applications for an extension after this date will only be agreed in the most exceptional of circumstances.

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