Scrollr - The auto scrolling tumblr theme

Check out our demo here! Scrollr. The auto scrolling theme. Up to 7 columns of posts - Choose between 1 and 7 posts and make use of the whole screen. Alternate header - Choose between a top menu bar, centered page title and no header at all. Check the previews for an example. Auto Scroll - Scroll through a blog hands free! Perfect for when you need a snack. Lightbox image viewer - This option allows users to click the preview button and see a bigger version of your image. Brand new notes - Notes displayed in a grid of avatars, hover on the avatar to see the note. 1 click like & reblog - Straight from the home page, no need to visit the permalink. Social - Twitter, Facebook & Google + buttons on the permalink pages. Banner fonts - Pre-installed banner fonts, to make your blog that little bit more unique.
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