AED222 Blooms taxonomy within a planning pyramid

In our homework reading there is a section about planning flexible teaching schemes. In it the teacher discusses some essential elements that go into preparing students for tests. These elements are idea visualization, group study, listening to chapter recordings, and studying with others prior to test taking. The teachers use a variety of strategies to implement these elements. These strategies involve grouping students with similar skill sets and/or interests, student lecturing on learned material, daily practice, and metrics testing. For example in the precipitation and land loss unit, student grouping was utilized. In this particular implementation, students were placed in groups with the constraint that the students succeed only if the group succeeds. Under these constraints it is beneficial to group students together that process information in similar ways. For student groups that process information visually an essential element in the instruction is use of idea visualization. Some groups process audio information very well. In that case the instruction would include listening to chapter recordings. In any event time must be provided for the students to practice. During these practice periods, students can review what they have learned and if necessary query their group on things that they are unsure of. In these particular practice sessions on precipitation and land loss, only two students were part of the group. With only two children per group the students have no choice but to work together and learn the material. In the end a successful group is a huge confidence builder for the kids
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