Googlepix Magento Extension

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking code

Need to place the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking code into checkout/order confirmation page, but do not want to spend time to modify template files?

Finally, you have ability to do this easily with "Googlepix" extension! It will automaticaly place a tracking code on order confirmation page for you.

Basic Steps to Place the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking code:

- Use "Direct package file upload" section of "Magento Connect Manager" to upload the package and automaticaly install this extension. Or upload the package content into root folder of your Magento installation.
- Set your property id into specific field of Magento configuration (Checkout / Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking) and the code will be automaticaly injected into the page each time it loads.

- Extension will not replace your existing success.phtml file as other extensiosn do.
- You can select which version of Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to use - Classic Analytics or Universal Analytics.
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