4-Track Randomly Subtractive Looper

- Click 'Record' to begin recording a loop and click again to end it. It will immediately begin looping in the first available track. This control can be midi-mapped. There are four tracks, each with its own voice and a maximum 30 seconds of stereo buffer space.
- Click 'Clear All' to clear every track and start over. This control is midi-mappable.
- With 'Uniform Loop Length' checked, all tracks will inherit the length captured by the first loop recorded, keeping them all in sync with eachother. This means that for each track beyond the first, the 'Record' button will only need to be hit once; recording will end automatically at the correct time. For more avant garde experimentation this box can be unchecked, allowing each track to loop according to its own captured length.
- The audio in any individual track can be erased by clicking the track's 'Clear' button, which is midi-mappable.
- Each track has a slider that controls its volume, displays its signal level and is midi-mappable.
- For each track, a suppression percentage can be chosen. This number designates how much of the loop will be made inaudible, from 0 to 100%, with the exact portion chosen at random. This parameter is midi-mappable and can be automated.
- The 'Smoothness' parameter designates how gradual the fade in and out of the volume is for the suppressed portion of the loop. The maximum value of 50% means the suppressed period spends half of its time fading out and the other half fading back in. 0% causes the loop to abruptly cut out and back in without fades. To silence an entire track (without clearing it completely), turn the 'Suppression' to 100% and the 'Smoothness' to 0%. This parameter is midi-mappable and can be automated.
- The starting point of the period of the loop which is suppressed can be changed with the 'Phase' control. This control is midi-mappable.
- Click a track's 'New' button to assign a random value to its 'Suppression', 'Smoothness' and 'Phase' parameters. This control is midi-mappable.
- Click 'Randomize All Parameters' to assign a random value to each tracks' 'Suppression', 'Smoothness' and 'Phase' parameters. This control is midi-mappable.
- The 'Wetness' control sets the volume of the loops relative to the incoming signal. 0% silences them, while 100% means the incoming signal will not be heard at all (but can be recorded just fine) and 50% equalizes them. This parameter is midi-mappable and can be automated.

This is a Max for Live device. It requires Ableton Live 9.1 or newer and at least a trial of Max/MSP 6.1 or newer, which can be downloaded from http://cycling74.com/downloads/. Older versions of Live and/or Max may work just as well, but there are no guarantees.
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