Topic 2. What international challenges impact Public Education.DOCX

Topic 2. What international challenges impact Public Education

Discuss two of the factors that contributed to the growth of globalization in recent decades that may impact a specific industry of your choice. Most analysts cite the following seven factors:

1.       Increase in and application of technology;

2.       Liberalization of cross-border trade and resource movements;

3.       Development of services that support international business;

4.       Growth of consumer pressures;

5.       Increase in global competition;

6.       Changes in political situations and government policies; and

7.       Expansion of cross-national cooperation.

Research further the industry you selected by using the UMUC Library's Standard & Poor's (S&P) NetAdvantage database, available from

The S&P resources can also be accessed by clicking on the Databases by Title (A-Z) link on the Library’s home page and then on the letter S at the top of the resulting page and then on the link for S&P NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor’s). For additional tips on industry research, see thisguide.
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