Steam Donation/Idle bot/Storage - Trade offers, Chat messages, Friend requests & more!

Steam Donation Bot
Are you a TF2/CSGO Streamer or Youtuber? Do you receive loads of donations and trade offers, constantly spammed on Steam? Then this bot might be for you!

Hey, I'm SnaBe and I can program almost any kind of Steam Bot. I use node.js for my bots, and .json for the configs.

All my bots are easy to edit, with a user guide/setup guide for newcomers to node.js and JSON.

I'll provide support if any problems should occur. But only when I'm online, tweet at me or email me for the chance of a faster response.

I'll often update my bots, all customers who've bought a bot from me will always receive the updates for free. All news relating updates will happen in this Steam group -


  • Accept donations, using trade offers

  • Answer on chat messages from users

  • Accept user invites

  • Idle games

  • Set custom games and names.

Needed to run the bot
You'll need a steam account for the bot, I've provided a .bat file that will automatically start up the bot. However, if you want the bot to run 24/7, you'll need a VPS.

Where can I get a VPS!?
I would recommend Digitalocean, they have a great service stable servers. And if you sign up using my referral code, you get an extra $10!

Donation Bot by SnaBe's bot
Demo version - Coming soon...
- If the bot isn't online, add me and request a demonstration.

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