GIMP Fabric Patterns Pack 1 - $5 - 17 Transparent/Seamless Patterns

PatterPatterns are Transparent and Seamless. Photo Above are sample pics of how it would look on a color image. You can do several effects with the modes for other looks. Folder to drop GIMP Patterns in:  C: Program Files GIMP2 share gimp 2.0 Patterns...Refer to photo #2 as well for instructions above. You can use my downloads for your own personal use but they must NOT be sold, repackaged or credited to you as the maker.  They can be used on your websites, in your own artwork or anywhere you wish.
RULES: (In General)Please do not sell, share or distribute these files or any part of these files in any way what so ever.
Reconstructing files, changing color, adding layers, cutting, copy paste, etc... does not make the file your own and
give you rights to resell or redistribute.
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