HCS 214 Week 4 Week Four Knowledge Check

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 HCS 214 Week 4 Week Four Knowledge Check


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Week Four Knowledge Checks.


What is the 30-foot muscular tube that extends all the way from the mouth to the anus called?



The pharynx



The gastrointestinal tract



The gallbladder



The pancreas


Which of the following statements is true of the processes involved in the treatment of food in the gastrointestinal system?



The process of ingestion occurs right before the process of mastication.



The process of absorption is immediately followed by the process of secretion.



Eliminating unusable materials from the body is done through the process of mastication.



The mechanical breakdown of the food in the mouth is known as absorption.


Albert is eating grilled chicken for dinner. He uses his tongue to move the chunks of meat around in his mouth and his teeth to crush and grind them into pieces that are small enough for him to swallow. Which of the following functions of the gastrointestinal system has been exemplified in this scenario?














What is the rhythmic wavelike muscular contraction of the esophagus that helps work the food down into the stomach called?














Identify an accurate statement about the pharynx.



The epiglottis is considered a part of the pharynx and not the larynx.



The pharynx is a passageway that is exclusively meant for the passage of air.



The airway to the lungs in the pharynx is blocked during swallowing.



The nasopharynx of the pharynx serves as a passageway for food.


Khaled experiences a sharp pain to the left of his chest soon after eating a heavy lunch. He thinks he is experiencing a heart attack, panics, and rushes to his doctor. After a thorough examination, his doctor tells him not to worry as the pain in his chest is due to gastric juices of his stomach escaping into his esophagus due to the accidental opening of a certain sphincter in his gastrointestinal tract. Which sphincter does Khaled’s doctor refer to in this scenario?



The cardiac sphincter



The pharyngoesophageal sphincter



The pyloric sphincter



The anal sphincter


In the context of the gastrointestinal system, which of the following statements is true about the stomach?



Most of the absorption of water and substances takes place in the stomach.



Most of the digestive work of the stomach is performed in the pylorus.



The layers of muscle in the walls of the stomach are all circular in orientation.



The stomach regulates the rate at which the chyme enters the small intestine.


After being produced in the liver, in which part of the digestive system is bile stored?



The jejunum



The pancreas



The gallbladder



The duodenum


From the assortment of dishes served at his college cafeteria, Ben chooses to eat nothing but fried pork sausages for breakfast. Two hours later, he ends up having severe indigestion. In the context of the digestive process, which of the following is most likely the reason for Ben’s case of indigestion?



Low activity of the digestive enzyme ptyalin



Low activity of the digestive enzyme lipase



Low activity of the digestive enzyme lactase



Low activity of the digestive enzyme pepsin


Identify the oral disorder in which the gums become inflamed due to the buildup of plaque at the gum line.



Dental caries






Cranker sores





Identify an accurate statement about dental cavities.



Even if a cavity is left untreated, systemic infection will not set in.



Tooth enamel deteriorates with the action of bacteria to form cavities.



A carbohydrate-rich diet will help prevent the formation of cavities.



A cavity is formed when alkaline substances produced by bacteria act on tooth enamel.


Clark, a 50-year-old banker, notices the presence of white patches of tissue along the insides of his mouth. He visits his doctor, Dr. Richards, for a checkup. After a thorough examination, Dr. Richards asks him if he chews tobacco or uses snuff. When Clark admits that he is always in the habit of chewing tobacco, Dr. Richards attributes this condition to Clark’s habit. In this context, which of the following conditions does Clark most likely have?









Cranker sores





Which of the following statements is true of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?



Untreated GERD does not lead to esophageal cancer.



Avoiding lying down immediately after a meal can help prevent GERD.



High caffeine intake can help prevent GERD.



The esophagus is protected from the acidic reflux of GERD by a thick mucosal lining.


Which of the following conditions refers to the infection and the inflammation of the sacs in the intestinal tract?



Colorectal cancer



Duodenal ulcers








Chloe, a 30-year-old waitress, was recently arrested for the possession and use of narcotics. After the incident, she was taken to a rehabilitation center for treatment where she fell severely ill. After a thorough medical examination, Chloe’s doctor observed that the normal tissues in her liver had been replaced by fibrous connective tissues. Based on the information provided in this scenario, what is the most probable diagnosis of Chloe’s condition?



Hepatitis B











Which of the following is true of stool color and its indications in the context of fecal testing?



Tan colored stool is an indication of the presence of hemorrhoids.



Red colored stool is an indication of common bile duct blockage.



Black colored stool is an indication of the ingestion of iron.



Green colored stool is an indication of bleeding from the lower GI tract.


Which among the following is a procedure that involves looking for sources of bleeding, growths, or cancerous tumors in the large intestine?



Basic pulmonary function test











Ciara experiences severe diarrhea and stomach cramps and is rushed to the hospital. She develops a high fever over the following days. Convinced that it is a case of an acute gastric disorder, the doctor orders the performance of a certain procedure as part of the diagnosis. A lit, tubular device, with a magnifying lens, is inserted into Ciara’s stomach to examine its interior. She is sedated throughout the procedure. What procedure is Ciara most likely undergoing in this scenario?












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