Movie Animatronics - Building a radio controlled mechanical mask DISC 1 OF 3

SAVE 10% ON THE ORIGINAL DVD PRICE! Running time of this file: 1 hr 15 mins This download includes the content of DISC 1 of the triple DVD package. It features the following lessons: - Lesson 1: Full Head Lifecast - Lesson 2: The Sculpture Full description of the DVD package, please note that some of the following is part of DISC 2 and 3 and must be purchased and downloaded separately: LEARN EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUES TO CREATE REALISTIC ANIMATRONICS WITHOUT THE NEED OF EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT! This is far more than a simple instructional DVD, it's a complete video course which takes you through the creation of a radio controlled mechanical mask from start to finish. there are 16 chapters divided in 3 discs for a total of nearly 5 hours of footage. The mask created is animated by 2 radio systems and a total of 10 servos. Many techniques are simplified so you won't need expensive machinery such as a lathe or a milling machine.