Ultimate Training E-BOOK

I am so happy to finally release my complete guide to achieving the physique of your dreams!

This is not your typical “get shredded in 14 days” book filled with temporary quick fix solutions. This book is your complete guide to putting together your very own training plan that is evidence based and backed by science. Not to mention it comes with my very own 9 Week Shred Program that I did to get shredded, as well as two key Ab Workouts that can be done anywhere!

I wanted to not only give you the steps, but provide you with as many examples as possible - outright value!

The book comes with every piece of knowledge, every little tid bit, absolutely everthing that I've learnt in my fitness journey! No holding back, I'm that confident that without a doubt in my mind, if you follow the steps outlined in this book you'll get results!

There is no time limit in the title as the advice given isn’t just for 30 days or a set amount of time, the information in this book covers everything you need to know to keep you progressing throughout your whole fitness journey.

The advice covered in this book is suitable for those just starting out in the gym right through to those in the advanced stages of their training career, they are the same protocols that I myself use to this day. The main focus of the content is fat loss whilst building or maintaining muscle to ensure optimal body composition.

Thank you for supporting my work! It is greatly appreciated!

I have nothing to hide and am proud of the information you will be receiving, so to show you exactly what you are in for please find the chapters of the book and what you will learn, I go into the science behind every topic listed and break it down into comprehendable terms:

1. The Journey

2. The Most Important Word

3. Frequency, Volume, Intensity

4. The Mental Game

5. Deloads

6. Bulking vs Cutting

7. Effective Training Plans

8. The Anatomy

9. Cardio: HIIT vs LISS

10. The Competition

11. The Addiction

12. Final Words

13. The Shred Program (9 Week Program that I used to get shredded!)

14. So you Want Abs?

15. Training Methods

16. Tracking Progress

I am confident you are going to love this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Once the purchase is made, the eBook will be sent directly to your Email so you can get started on making them gains straight away!

Enjoy! THANK YOU! Fraser
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