Create a class for an inventory system for an RPG Solution

Your solution should contain the following classes
•An Interface called IContainer - items that implement IContainer can have other things put inside them ◦Add method - adds an item to the container
◦TotalCount property - returns how many items are in the container including any containers inside
◦TotalWeight property - returns the total weight of the container including any containers inside
•A class called Inventory that implements IContainer ◦The constructor should pass in the number of items in the inventory
•An abstract base class called Item ◦Each item should have a cost and a weight property
•Several inherited objects from a typical RPG. Each item should have a different cost and weight
•A BagOfHolding class which inherits from Item and implements IContainer
You should write some test code to test all of your classes. For example it might look something like this. Make sure that you test the recursive TotalCount and TotalWeight methods
var inventory = new Inventory(3);
inventory.Add(new Sword());
inventory.Add(new Potion());
var bagOfHolding = new BagOfHolding(4);
bagOfHolding.Add(new Sword());
Console.WriteLine( "The number of items in the inventory is {0} ", inventory.TotalCount); //There are 5 items in this example
Console.WriteLine( "The total weight of the inventory is {0} ", inventory.TotalWeight); //Weight will depend on the weights of each item
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