Laboratory experiment


The objective of this laboratory experiment is to examine the structures and processes associated with human in utero development.



1. Compare photos of turtle embryo and chicken embryos.

a. Describe how the development of these animals is similar.

b. Describe how the development of these animals is different.


2. Examine the VisEmbryo website and the pictures of human embryos .


3. Use the above websites and additional websites to make a TIMELINE that includes each of the following events:

a. Fusion

b. Implantation

c. Placental development

d. Neural tube closure

e. First appearance of the eyes, ears, arms, legs, genitalia, and heart

f. Three other fetal development events of your choosing 

Note about timelines: Timelines can be made using Word, Power Point, or an online timeline tool. timelines need to be in actual graphical timelines (not lists) and that have all events properly placed with times correctly labeled. An example of an online timeline tool can be found here: 

4. Research the terms “zygote”, “embryo” and “fetus”. Describe how they are different in meaning. Indicate, on your timeline, the developmental timespan covered by each term in the human.

Elevating an injured body part above the heart for the first 72 hours after the injury helps minimize swelling? Yes or No


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