Courting The Darkness_By, A. Haze

Soledad d'Fiore has come leaps and bounds from where she started. From a frightened, unsure girl to the matriarch of one of the most dangerous families in the underworld, she has finally settled into a comfortable position, her loving husband by her side.

With the love of his life by his side, Vincenzo d'Fiore is optimistic about his future and that of his family's. But someone is determined to see his family crash, burn and be destroyed.

Neither one of them are willing to take that lying down. With an old adversary lurking in the shadows, husband and wife band together in order to protect their family, their gains, and their legacy. The underworld, long the harbinger of seedy deals, vast wealth and scandalous liaisons, is about to get a little bit bloodier in the name of love.
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