Table of Contents

Speech-Language Services in Public Schools: How Policy Ambiguity Regarding Eligibility Criteria Impacts Speech-Language Pathologists in a Litigious and Resource Constrained Environment
Lesley Sylvan

Are Parents Really Partners In Their Child’s Education?
Clarissa E. Rosas and Kathleen G. Winterman

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors’ Perceived Influences on the Secondary Transition Planning Process and Postsecondary Outcomes of Students with Disabilities
Vickie Miller-Warren, Ed.D.

Gender Differences in Emotional or Behavioral Problems in Elementary School Students
Amanda Malfitano

African American Parental Beliefs About Resiliency: A Delphi Study
Vita Jones, Kyle Higgins, Randall Boone, Susan P. Miller and Nancy Sileo

Blending Common Core Standards and Functional Skills in Thematic Units for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities
Karena Cooper-Duffy and Glenda Hyer

Effects of Peer Tutoring and Academic Self-Monitoring on the Mathematics Vocabulary Performance of Secondary Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Brittany L. Hott, Anya Evmenova and Frederick J. Brigham

Teaching Multiplication with Regrouping Using the Concrete-representational-abstract Sequence and the Strategic Instruction Model
Margaret M. Flores and Toni M. Franklin

Student and Teacher Perceptions of the Five Co-Teaching Models: A Pilot Study
Randa G. Burks-Keeley and Monica R. Brown

Students with Disabilities’ Perspectives of STEM Content and Careers
Kimberly E Bryant Davis

A Researcher’s Story of Assessing Motor Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Casey M. Breslin and Alice M. Buchanan

The Impact of Video Modeling on Improving Social Skills in Children with Autism
Mohammed Alzyoudi, AbedAlziz Sartawi and Osha Almuhiri
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