Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun – SPAS 12

This asset is a must in your military/militia/guerrilla scenario to add more atmosphere in your game. It comes two prefabs (open and closed butt/stock) so you can use it  in different ways. Also the models is already animated, so you can perform recharge and folding/unfolding the stock.

Object statistics:

  • 908 faces, 1711 tris

  • Textures (source resolution) 2048X2048, in-engine resolution to be determined by the final user.

Package contains:

  • Blend file and Unity Package

  • Textures (Dif, Nor, Spec) in PNG format, and a Difuse TGA file with Specular in alpha channel, 2048X2048 resolution.

  • OBJ and FBX and DAE files, in case you need to import and edit in a different 3D editor package.

Unlimited download link.
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