Protect The Planet Keynote and PowerPoint Theme

This futuristic theme is designed for energy, green technology, environmental, and many other clean energy initiative themed presentations. You can utilize this theme to professionally delineate your message to educational, government and business sectors no matter the continent! The high aesthetic quality, and premium minimalistic design warrants the attention of any and everyone. Customizable, and extremely forward thinking, this theme will connect with audiences of all genres and will surely inspire! 

Key Features:

  • 28 Slides

  • 2 Unique Section Breaks

  • 3 Graphs Including an Interactivity Option

  • 5 Special Edition Night Tech Slides

  • Premium and Intriguing Design

  • Helvetica Font

  • Flat Design

  • Brilliant Color Scheme

  • Simple and Clean

  • Easy to Edit

Your audience will be captivated while viewing this highly professional and thought provoking presentation theme. You are considering my very best work to date! Thank you for you for choosing, “Clean Green Envirotech” for your next presentation!
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