Font | Hand Scribble Sketch Rock

“Hand Scribble Sketch Rock” is a a interpretation of a classic egyptienne/slab serif typeface with modern and fancy handmade haptics/hatching. The 3 styles/weights fits perfectly in each font size. From light till bold. All 3 styles are handemade sketched for diverse display size.

■ Font Name: Hand Scribble Sketch Rock
■ Font Weights: Regu­lar, Bold, Light
■ Fonts Cate­gory: Dis­play for Head­line Size
■ Font For­mat: Open­Type OTF (Mac + Win) + Win­dows True­Type TTF
■ Glyph Set: 371 gly­phs
■ Lan­guage Sup­port: Basic Latin/English let­ters, Cen­tral Europe, Bal­tic, Roma­nian
■ Spe­cials: alter­na­tive let­ters and liga­tures (with accents & €)
■ Design Date: 2013
■ Type Desi­gner: Manuel Vier­gutz
■ Font License: Desk­top license, Web license, App license, eBook license, Ser­ver license
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