MHR - Week 3 DQ

MHR - Week 3 DQ

In working out your responses to the Discussion Question, you should choose examples from your own experience or find appropriate cases on the Web that you can discuss. Credit will be given for references you make to relevant examples from real companies.
Compare and contrast the leader-member exchange theory presented in the textbook with the idea of ‘follower self-leadership’ researched in this week’s journal article. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and how might the shortcomings of each be overcome? Would either approach be applicable for an organization that uses task motivated leadership? Would either be applicable for an organization that uses relationship motivated leadership?

  1. The assignment should have an introduction and conclusion.

  2. Your answer should include three citations or more.

  3. Your citations should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.

  4. Provide specific examples from the real world to support your argument.

  5. 500 words

Satisfactory answers will demonstrate clear understanding of the topics and issues related to the assignment and will be able to explain the reasons in more depth using examples from a real business world. Excellent answers will be able to raise appropriate critical questions

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