COM 156 - Week 6 - Effective Persuasion - Version 2

When I was reading the article by Marc Siegel, "Treating the Pain by Ending a Life," he brought it to my attention that sometimes when people are in pain and are dying morphine could be the drug that could be used to keep them from suffering when they are in their last minutes of life. I do agree with Marc Siegel, it isn’t overdosing if it is helping the patient to become relaxed and comfortable while they are dying. I really wasn’t okay with it at first, but now after reading his essay and understanding that it helped the lady who had cancer, I am all for it. I think that if someone is dying it is not fair for them to suffer. Most people live a good life and they shouldn't have to be in pain when they do pass away. I don’t know the details of what happened at the hospital with my father. Although, I do know about my wife’s grandfather. Her grandfather was given morphine to help him relax and not be in distress while he was dying. After reading this, I now know that he didn’t suffer. It is very hard to see a loved one suffer when the time has come for them to move on. Marc Siegel really persuaded me to help persuade other people that morphine is ok to give a person who is dying without it being an overdose.
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