Sonic Matrix Over Ride MP3

Sonic Matrix Over Ride MP3

9 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download

Matrix Over Ride Sends You Up The Elevator In Spiritual Consciousness Intention Frequency & Vibration.

InAudible Spoken Messages Below Normal Range Of Hearing.

Listening Instructions, 1 - 5 Times Day Or Night.
Headphones & Earbuds Are Optional.
A Just Listen Audio Video.


Spirit over mind mind over matter
Mind and heart work together in harmony
Reason and intuition work together in harmony
Intellect and spirit work together in harmony
You sharpen your mind
You purify your personality
I place these in service of spiritual intuition and noble ideals
You transcend logic and physical perception
You see beyond the flesh
You see through the hologram illusion
Hologram illusions has no effect on me
You identify with the higher
Raised frequency resonance vibration set to highest level
You allow spirit to shine through unravel the matrix
You allow the harmonic balance to flow
You over come the darkness of the world
You radiate divine influence
You spiritually upgrade
You establish a personal connection with the spirit with the higher self
You detect agent saboteurs
You enter the jurisdiction of the higher
You are spiritual life
You become one with spiritual life
You allow spiritual landscapes to flow
You master the higher over the lower
You disconnect from concensus reality
You expand perception beyond space time
Strong emotional control
Strong will power
Strong physical strength
Strong spiritual perspective
Strong endurance
Increase awareness
Deep contemplation
Meaningful dreams
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